17 May 2016

Tide clock Information.

All about tide clocks.

But first, a little bit about tides and then about tide clocks !

Along the west coast of Ireland-on the Wild Atlantic Way, we have two high tides and two low tides per day, both of which are, in general equal in size . Most of Europe, the East coast of the U.S. and Canada, as well as Africa follow the same pattern, known as semidiurnal tides.

So what is a tide clock?

A tide clock is a way of showing visually what stage the tide is at in a location of your choice.It will show if the tide is high or low or how many hours it will be until the next high or low tide.Great for telling you where the tide is when you

  • want to walk the dog,
  • gather driftwood
  • go kayaking.
  • go fishing
  • go surfing
  • collect seaweed
  • go sailing
  • anything to do with the sea!

If you want to see in a quick glance exactly what the tide is doing at the location that you have set it for, then a tide clock is the ideal method.

Our tide clocks will work in all the semidiurnalĀ  regions once set, and require no (or very little re-adjustment). Other parts of the world have variable tides ranging from once a day, to a combination of both once a day and twice a day-our clocks will work in these regions but will require weekly adjustment.
You will set your clock for a specific location,or the nearest location for which tide times are published.To set your tide mechanism, visit our page how to set your tide clock.


The dial on the left is showing that there is just over three hours until high tide, whereas the dial on the right is showing that there is just under 3 hours before low tide.If the hand was pointing straight up,then it would be high tide, and straight down it would be low tide.

For those of us not lucky enough to be blessed with a clear view of the seashore,you can see thatĀ  this a much faster way of checking the state of the tide than looking up tide time tables or checking the internet.Plus they look cool too!