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Reclaimed Slate and Driftwood Tide Clocks  back in stock!

After a not very stormy January when the sea didn’t really bring us too much in the line of raw materials, we once again have a selection of slate and driftwood tide clocks in stock.

We couldn’t keep this particular type of tide clock  in stock over the Christmas period, so we have taken advantage of the winter to begin to build up some stock once again! We use slate that came from an old cottage that we restored and we collect driftwood from beaches around the west coast of Ireland.It means that two clocks are never the same and once we sell one from the shop, then it’s well and truly gone.So if you see a slate and driftwood tideclock on our website that you particularly like, don’t hesitate if you want to ensure that you get it!

Slate and driftwood tide clocks

Our tide clocks find themselves in all parts of the world where there are two tides per day.The West coast of Europe, the East coast of the US and many other parts of the world have semidiurnal tides, meaning that there are two low and two high tides per day.These are really straightforward to predict and so a tide clock mechanism is a really useful aid in these areas.

We have lots of different designs of tide clocks-from straightforward ‘High Low’ clocks to custom made Nautical print clocks. Our slate and driftwood tide clocks tend to be the most requested as they have a very natural feel to them and easily fit into any surroundings, whether a cosy beachside cottage or a corporate shelf.

If  you would like to purchase any of our range, and need any further information,please don’t hesitate to contact us.