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Skerries Tide Clock

Skerries Tide Clock

Skerries- The name comes from the Norse words skere and “ey” which has been rendered in the Irish language na sceirí which means rocky islands.

Skerries is on gently sloping land approaching the coast, which is partly overlooked by low bluffs. There are hills around, including Mill Hill, where a windmill has long been sited. The town has five islands off its coast called Shenick Island, St Patrick’s, Colt and the island formation of Rockabill, which comprises “The Cow” and “The Calf”, separated by a narrow channel. There is also Red Island, which is a tied island.

Canvas printed and framed in a black 230mm x 230mm frame which is 45mm deep, this chart would make a great gift for sailors or anyone with an interest in the coastline. It is from a genuine chart showing the features along the coast.

Hang it in your family room, hallway or office.

A Tide clock allows you to see the state of the tide for a given location at a glance.The hand shows the current stage of  the  tidal cycle  (high tide, low tide or on the way in or out). The tide clock face is simple to read and setting the hand can be done in a matter of minutes.Never leave the house again without knowing the state of your local tide!

  • Heavy duty professionally printed canvas.
  • Solid-Wood frame.Select from either black or white.
  • Size is 250 mm x 250 mm  and 45mm deep.
  • Shows features along the coast.

The clock ships with full instructions on how to set and how to read a tide clock.

This is not a navigation device.


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Customer Reviews


“We received the tide clock this week and it is so fantastic, so beautiful! We love it. We just hit high tide on a full moon 5 min ago and I set it! Thank you thank you thank you and hope you are all doing well. I also was very excited to get a package from Ireland. That was half the fun!”


“ I just received the tide clock that I ordered today, and I just wanted to say thank you! The service was so prompt, and the clock is amazing. It was great to find a gift for my husband who is very hard to buy for! He and my eldest daughter love to go fishing in the summer, so this will be very useful. Thanks again! .”