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Easkey Tide Clock

Easkey Tide Clock

Easkey, located on the untamed shores of County Sligo, Ireland, stands as a captivating village celebrated for its rugged coastal panoramas and rich maritime history. Known for its robust Atlantic waves and the famous Easkey Left surf break, the village beckons surf enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating seaside experience.

The ebb and flow of the tides in Easkey are integral to the local lifestyle, influencing not only recreational activities but also daily routines. From fishing ventures to water sports, the village’s dependence on the maritime environment is profound, making the understanding of tidal patterns crucial for planning successful outings.

Explore the dynamic tidal rhythms shaping Easkey’s unique charm and discover how this coastal community harmonizes with the ever-changing tides of the Atlantic. Embrace the spirit of adventure against a backdrop of breathtaking seascapes, where nature’s pulse dictates the pace of life.

The clock shows the area from Lenadoon Point in the wast to Temple Rock  in the east with Easkey centre stage!

The print shows the Nautical features along the coast.

What is a tide clock?

Use a tide clock to tell whether the tide is high or low, and how much time is left before it changes. It works by synchronising with the lunar cycle, which influences the tides. The tide clock has a single hand that rotates once every 12 hours and 25 minutes, which is the average time between two high tides or two low tides. The dial of the tide clock is divided into sections that indicate the state of the tide: high, low, rising, or falling. By looking at the position of the hand, you can tell what the tide is doing and how long it will take to change.

Why use a tide clock?

A tide clock can help you plan your activities around the Aran Islands and Doolin by letting you know when the water is high enough or low enough for your preferred activity. For example, if you want to swim, you might want to avoid low tide, when the water is shallow and cold, and the mudflats are exposed. If you want to fish, you might want to avoid high tide, when the water is deep and fast, and the fish are dispersed. If you want to sail, surf, or kayak, you might want to choose a time when the tide is rising or falling, which creates more favourable conditions for these sports. If you want to walk along the shore, you might want to choose a time when the tide is low, which reveals more of the beach and the wildlife.

What are the details of the Tide Clock?

  • Heavy duty professionally printed canvas.
  • Solid-Wood frame.Select from either black or white.
  • Size is 250 mm x 250 mm  and 45mm deep.
  • Real Glass

The clock ships with full instructions on how to set and how to read a tide clock.

This is not a navigation device.




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Customer Reviews


“We received the tide clock this week and it is so fantastic, so beautiful! We love it. We just hit high tide on a full moon 5 min ago and I set it! Thank you thank you thank you and hope you are all doing well. I also was very excited to get a package from Ireland. That was half the fun!”


“ I just received the tide clock that I ordered today, and I just wanted to say thank you! The service was so prompt, and the clock is amazing. It was great to find a gift for my husband who is very hard to buy for! He and my eldest daughter love to go fishing in the summer, so this will be very useful. Thanks again! .”