Ballyloughane Tide Clock


Ballyloughane Tide Clock


Ballyloughane Tide Clock

What is a tide clock?

A tide clock is a device that tells you whether the tide is high or low, and how much time is left before it changes. It works by synchronising with the lunar cycle, which influences the tides. The tide clock has a single hand that rotates once every 12 hours and 25 minutes.This the average time between two high tides or two low tides.

The dial of the tide clock is divided into sections that indicate the state of the tide: high, low, rising, or falling. By looking at the position of the hand, you can tell what the tide is doing at Furbo beach and how long it will take to change.

Why use a tide clock?

A tide clock can help you plan your activities around Furbo beach by letting you know when the water is high enough or low enough for your preferred activity.

If swimming is your preference, steer clear of low tide when the water becomes shallow and cold, and the mudflats lay bare. If fishing is your goal, steer clear of high tide when the water deepens and speeds up, causing fish dispersion.

If you want to sail, surf, or kayak, you might want to choose a time when the tide is rising or falling, which creates more favourable conditions for these sports. If you want to walk along the shore, you might want to choose a time when the tide is low, which reveals more of the beach and the wildlife.

What are the details of the Tide Clock?

  • Heavy duty professionally printed canvas.
  • Solid-Wood frame.Select from either black or white.
  • Size is 250 mm x 250 mm  and 45mm deep.
  • Real Glass

The clock ships with full instructions on how to set and how to read a tide clock.

This is not a navigation device.




Additional information

Weight 500 g
Frame Colour

Black, White


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