Ideal gift for sailors-reclaimed tide clock


Handmade from slate and driftwood, this clock will make sure that you always know if the tide is high or low,rising or falling at your favourite spot.

Each clock is a unique piece.Please select the one that you would like from the dropdown.

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Ideal gift for sailors.

Love the ocean life? Then this tide clock is for you.

An ideal gift for sailors, this unique hand-made clock will indicate the tide at the local beach marina, slipway or pier.

Each original piece is made from reclaimed slate mounted on one, or several pieces of driftwood.It will look well in any surroundings, whether on a fireplace in a cosy coastal cottage or on a cabinet in a corporate boardroom.

As well as making a treasured house warming gift for coastal residents, these handmade tide clocks are ideal tools for fishermen,sailors,surfers,kite surfers,kayakers,dog walkers,horse riders and anyone that uses the coast for pleasure or profession.

Tide clocks are easier to understand than tide tables. They run on moon time and instead of revolving every 24 hours,they revolve every 24 hours and 50 1/2 minutes.Along the Atlantic, where the regular tidal cycles have two high and two low tides during each day, the clocks rarely need adjusting.They can be used on all Atlantic coasts in Europe and the East coast of the US and Canada.

The clocks ship with full, simple to follow instructions.

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